'Celebrate The Voice' - A FREE Online Workshop for the Global Stuttering Community!
 Date & Time: Saturday, 5 December '20   1pm - 4pm
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A 3 Hour Online Workshop for people that stutter / stammer - friends and family are welcome too! This 3 hour workshop will teach the art of beatboxing and explore ways to raise self-esteem, increase employability and be happy & successful as someone that stutters. Let's celebrate the beautiful voices we have and connect with the global stuttering community.

The Workshop will be led by 3 organisations that work with people that stutter: 'School Of Beatbox', 'Stop Holding Back' & 'City And Lit College'.

'School Of Beatbox' founder, Danny Ladwa, used to stutter as a teenager and remembers the challenges that he faced. He is now an international touring beatbox and vocal artist. As well as teaching the art of beatboxing, School Of Beatbox run outreach projects that raise awareness about stuttering.

'Stop Holding Back' - A charity that helps people that stutter to be better speakers, increase employability and raise self-esteem.

'City Lit College' - City Lit offer a variety of courses and workshops for people that stutter including many online courses accessible by people from anywhere in the world.



Launching in December

#StopHoldingBack Foundation is a charity dedicated to helping people who Stutter become better speakers with the ultimate goal of improving their employability.

In response to COVID-19

We are the only stuttering charity in the world that

Facilitating twice-daily reading & speech clubs. Hosting a  100 Episode+ podcast on iTunes and Spotify, taking in questions from people who stutter supporting them in this pandemic.

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Since I became part of the Stop Holding Back community in 2017 my confidence in competitive speaking environments and stressful situations has improved immeasurably and I now consider myself a good speaker. The lessons, mentoring and support network available to People who stutter (PWS) were foundational to this success and will undoubtedly be useful to other PWS lucky enough to find help from this outstanding charity.

Life-changing Testimonies

- Tom 


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