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Who We Are

As people who stutter we have all faced the same challenges as you.


STOP HOLDING BACK is lead by a passionate team whose single goal is to make this organisation a success and impact many lives.

Ayo Adesanya

Ayo has helped numerous people who stutter all over the world as a speech coach with his personal development approach to treating stuttering as well as the whole person.


Ayo as a former UK railway signal technician has experiance with communicating frequently under severe pressure, ensuring the safety of his colleagues working in potentially dangerous and life threatening environments. When it's comes to effective communication, Ayo has a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share.

Ayo is currently a web-developer and avid content  writer.

Personal Website, Blog &  LinkedIn

Chris Jackson 

As a covert, Christopher’s stutter held him back more than his peers thought. Struggling to express himself in all situations, Christopher felt he came across disengaged, careless and even rude. With the new mentality that has been embedded, life has taken a turn for the better.


The graduate who six years after finishing University was still trying to get his first interview, ironically, is the co-founder and shareholder of a recruitment company that helps others to find employment. With the same motivation and dedication, you too, can adopt the Stop Holding Back mindset.

Chris is also the Co-founder and CEO of SJR Recruitment London.


Ruban Pillai 

He has been stuttering since the age of four and focuses his energies on empowering those experiencing the same challenges and raising awareness of the low-profile speech disability.

Some of his work has seen him give talks at University College London, Birmingham University, University of Law, Deutsche Bank, as well as appearances on ITV news and BBC London radio.

Ruban is an active member of the public speaking organisation Toastmasters International, where he has won contests, chaired events and mentored new members embarking on their public speaking journey.

Personal Website, TEDx Talk

James Redhead

James Redhead has worked in the charity sector as a consultant, finance director and trustee for 25 years. The co-founder of Charity Technology Trust and fundraising advisor to many large charities,


James brings a wealth of experience to SHB. James is passionate about helping small charities make a big impact. As someone with a stammer, James has a very close connection with SHB and its mission.

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