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Our mission is to empower people with the mentality to take back control of their lives. We hope to be of help to you soonest. Contact us now.


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Who We Are

As trustees we have all faced the same challenges as YOU  as we all have stuttered.

Our aim is to empower people who stutter in the UK to live their best life now through a combination of stuttering modification tools, and personal development. This can be achieved by adopting a specific mindset to overcome the often-debilitating psychological effects, that stuttering can habitually produce. By cultivating positive thoughts, feelings and actions they can find their voice and freedom of expression leading to a complete life transformation.


Our mission is to empower people with the mentality to live a fulfilling and incredible life despite their stutter.

We are a group of experts who are able to help, guide and lead you in overcoming your stutter. As a team we will make it possible for you to Stop Holding Back.

Stop Holding Back is a charity established to truly build and improve upon whats gone before when its comes to living an incredible and fulfilling life despite stuttering, supporting people who need our help all over the world.


We are aware of the challenges faced by people who stutter because everyone involved with Stop Holding Back has stuttered themselves and is now successfully working on their speech.


Our aim is to bring about a new perspective, a new approach and new methodology towards 'working on our speech'  incorporating a holistic self-improvement regime using a combination of fluency tools and personal development practices. 

We do not subscribe to the mentality that we have to settle with our stuttering in its current form no matter how severe it is for life, if we don't want to.


We believe and we know we have the choice and if we decide too, we can improve our speech to a degree we can be comfortable with and empower our minds to build the lives we deserve to enjoy regardless of any stuttering. 


It doesn’t matter how mild or bad your stutter is, where there is the right intention, motivation and belief, anything is possible. This mindset is not only true for living a good and purposeful life despite stuttering but is also true for being able take full control of our lives and the direction it takes us in.

We are here as trustees to grow a community that cultivates a culture and various support systems that give you the best chance to realise your goals and aspirations in life. We are more than just a community, we are a family who actively supports one another on our individual  journeys.


we strive to eliminate the fear of the next speech block which all people who have stuttered are all too familiar with, but at Stop holding Back work with our mentees so they have the self-esteem and the confidence to

  • Stop pretending to be someone we are not.

  • Stop selling themselves short.

  • Stop all the negative thinking attached to stuttering and the self-hate that can come with it,

Stop Holding Back’s vision is more than just about stuttering it is about improving every aspect of a persons life personally and professionally as we are the keys to our own better futures and with enough persistence  and consistency anything can be achieved. 


 STOP HOLDING BACK is lead by a passionate team whose single goal is to make this organisation a success and impact many lives.

Ayo Adesanya

Ayo Adesanya up until the age of 26 was suffering from the symptoms of covert and overt- stuttering, which resulted in a life filled with anxiety, fear and depression. But since taking full responsibility for his thoughts, actions and results. 


Ayo has achieved the unimaginable. Founding Stop Holding Back, Ayo has helped numerous people who stutter across the world as a speech trainer with his new and unique personal development approach to treating stuttering as well as the whole person.

Chris Jackson

As a covert, Christopher’s stutter held him back more than his peers thought. Struggling to express himself in all situations, Christopher felt he came across disengaged, careless and even rude. With the new mentality that has been embedded, life has taken a turn for the better.


The graduate who six years after finishing University was still trying to get his first interview, ironically, is the co-founder and shareholder of a recruitment company that helps others to find employment. With the same motivation and dedication, you too, can adopt the Stop Holding Back mindset.

Ruban Pillai

Ruban Pillai has been stuttering overtly since the age 4. The repeated blocks and freezes made it difficult for him to communicate and laid out a challenging path in life.


He has built a successful career in the Finance sector and also had great experiences teaching in schools and special needs groups during his time in Sports Development.


Ruban's most recent project involves the launch of The Stutter Hacks Podcast which features interviews with a range of people sharing experiences of life, health, stuttering, challenges and achievements.


Check out @stutterhacks on Instagram for more information

James Redhead

James Redhead has worked in the charity sector as a consultant, finance director and trustee for 25 years. The co-founder of Charity Technology Trust and fundraising advisor to many large charities,


James brings a wealth of experience to SHB. James is passionate about helping small charities make a big impact. As someone with a stammer, James has a very close connection with SHB and its mission.

Ramesh Summan

Ramesh Summan brings to Stop Holding Back his background as a Teacher and entrepreneur.


Ramesh is a qualified and experienced Teacher with experience in the classroom and 15 hugely successful years as an Educational Consultant. His work as a Educational Consultant has enabled him to work with a high-profile customer base. He holds postgraduate qualifications in Economics, International Relations and Teaching from the University of East Anglia.

Ramesh is practicing self-development by using meditation and neuro-linguistic programming and is in the process of writing his self-published book “The Stuttering Paradox,” which explores how people can overcome stuttering by developing a suitable mindset.

Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler is an artist and a pioneering speech language researcher. Since 2017 he has used a customised self‐tracking app to identify the link between his behavioural patterns and his stutter through quantifiable self‐reports. T


he data garnered from answering 300 questions for over 2 hours every day helps him identify the factors that impact his speech and design a lifestyle optimised for fluency. He now intends to incorporate his app into SHB to help others identify the hidden factors underpinning their speech. 

Tom also co-hosts a podcast on stuttering and has written extensively about the condition on his blog, ‘The Quantified Stutter’.

Simon Bailey

Simon Bailey had stuttered severely until he was 37 years old when he took responsibility for his speech.


Now 21 years later he has been to many countries leading speech courses and has worked with many thousands of people helping them to overcome their stuttering.


He achieved his long term dream to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2009 and has been training to become a Transformational Breath® facilitator for the last 4 years.

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