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#StopHoldingBack Foundation is a charity dedicated to helping people who Stutter become better speakers with the ultimate goal of improving their employability.

In response to COVID-19

We are the only stuttering charity in the world that

Facilitating twice-daily reading & speech clubs.


Hosting a 100 Episode+ podcast on iTunes and Spotify, taking in questions from people who stutter supporting them in this pandemic.

SHB Mentee Callum's Experience with

 SHB Members Club

SHB Mentee Nick's Experience with

 SHB Life Success Program

SHB Mentee Sourabh's Experience with

SHB Life Success Program

Our small charity provides these services totally FREE of charge for people who stutter.

Reading Club - Daily

Every Mon, Wed & Fri

at 18:00 UK a

SHB Unfiltered Podcast Episode is Released

Speech Club - Weekly

CV and Interview Tips - Weekly

Stuttering Tip Videos - Weekly

Q&A - Bi-weekly

Webinars - Monthly

Corporate Training

Organisational Training


Join our communities today and begin a new chapter in your life. We're to support you every step of the way 

This is why we do what we do...

SHB Members Club and our Life Success Program is heavily subsided by our donors. We couldn't do the precious work we do without them. Thank you.



For a Donation between 

£5.00 - 20.00 a Month

NEW SHB Video Program 

SHB Video Program Monthly Webinars

‘Real World’ Speech Support.

1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Coaching Private Support Group. 

Accountability Support and Monitoring.

Employability Support.

Subsidised Access to SHB events.


For a Donation of

£499 for 4 Weeks Coaching

*Everything in SHB Members Club 


4 weeks of Pure and Speech and Mindset Coaching. 


SHB Mentor Assigned to you 


1-1 Full Coaching Sessions with your Assigned Mentor.

How to Self-Coach program.



SHB Members Club
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Stop Holding Back (SHB) Unfiltered is the official podcast for the UK charity Stop holding Back; a charity dedicated to improving the employability prospects of people who stutter.


Since I became part of the Stop Holding Back community in 2017 my confidence in competitive speaking environments and stressful situations has improved immeasurably and I now consider myself a good speaker. The lessons, mentoring and support network available to People who stutter (PWS) were foundational to this success and will undoubtedly be useful to other PWS lucky enough to find help from this outstanding charity.

Life-changing Testimonies

- Tom 
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