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Discovering Stop Holding Back! - Kevin Lee

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Hi, my name is Kevin, I’ve stuttered since Jr. High and joined my first stuttering organization (National Stuttering Association) in my early 30s. The most valuable thing I’ve learned in NSA is self-acceptance of my stutter, which allows me to be at peace with something I can’t change and also enables me to move forward in life with my stutter in tow without feeling too ashamed or embarrassed by it. I’ve made a number of close friends in NSA, and having these friends who stutter is crucial for me to maintain this self-acceptance, because they also believe in the same thing and their encouragements and advice rub off on me for the better.

Recently, I joined SHB and have encountered other stutterers through its Whatsapp group. I enjoy writing, and I will periodically write articles for the SHB newsletter discussing my thoughts on various stuttering topics. I’ve never been through any type of intensive stuttering therapy program, so my wisdom about stuttering is not as deep as that of some other members of the group, but I’ll try my best to simply write about my own personal ideas and musings on the topic.

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