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In Loving Memory of Steve Jackson

The man who inspired us to form this charity


To Steve, 

Our biggest supporter, our biggest strength and the heart of Stop Holding Back.

It is with great honour and pride that we dedicate this page to Steven Jackson. We can only hope this dedication to him is filled with as much love and passion as he put into Stop Holding Back. 

Watching his son grow up with a stutter was something most definitely frustrating for Steve. To have to see his son struggling to get his words out, and unfortunately, he could do nothing to help or prevent it.


After months of training at multiple programmes, Chris Jackson (CJ, SHB Co-founder) slowly began to lose confidence in ever being able to overcome his stutter.


But Steve always had hope. Steve never gave up, and he made it one of his lifelong missions to ensure his sons uncomforting situations in everyday life would come to an end.


He always saw the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s what everyone loved about Steve. He was positive, happy and saw the best in everything and everyone.

CJ successfully came out of University, and after multiple failed job interviews, his confidence was lower than ever. His stutter began to hold him back from everything life threw his way.

They say stuttering is something of the mind, and Steve believed in this so strongly. Steve believed the only way to help would be to encourage his son to have the faith he had and to keep the positive attitude he always had himself.


Steve encouraged CJ to be confident, pick himself up and keep going. Steve wanted always the best for CJ, and he was determined that CJ would have the life he deserved.


Steve never gave up hope and knew that it was something that did not have to stand in his way forever.


His dedication went on for days, weeks, months and years. He tried his best to not only give CJ the confidence and strength he needed, but to also inspire CJ to help others.


Steve saw having a stutter as more of a gift than a lifelong problem. He told CJ to use his strength and experiences to help other people and use the power inside him to help change the lives of people suffering.

Steve’s kindness and willingness to help others with their careers stretched out so far, stuttering became not only about his son, but for other sons, and daughters and anyone else that needed confidence and guidance to better their speech and better their lives.


This was Steve as a person – selfless, confident and always trying to help other people in any way he could. He wanted the best for anyone and everyone. 

After years of a constant battle, Steve was finally able to watch his son grow into a man, become the director of a recruitment agency and together with his good friend Ayo, CJ created Stop Holding Back.


A foundation dedicated to help better the lives of those suffering with a stutter, losing confidence and struggling financially. Steve couldn’t have been prouder.

CJ’s struggle with his stutter caused as much pain to Steve as it did to CJ. And with that, the strength of a man who never suffered a day in the shoes of someone with a stutter, brought this idea to two boys who had struggled for years.


He wanted them to use the gift they had and use it to help people.

Steve, our thanks to you will live on forever and your strength and belief will continue to inspire generations. 


You were brave, strong and dedicated. You gave people hope. 


Without knowing it, you changed so many lives.

You were and always will be the heart of SHB. Thank you for your belief in making a difference.

SJ Donate
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