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SHB Members Club FAQs

What will I learn on the video program?​

You will learn all the tools, techniques and psychological hacks  Ayo, Chris and Ruban have used successfully to take back control of their speech and ultimately their lives. They leave nothing hidden and reveal all. 

Is the program subtitled?

The program is subtitled in English. 

How long is the video program?

Just under 5 hours. 

How FAST will improve?

Generally you may see improvements quickly, but what we care about is your ability to maintain those results for the rest of your life. There is no quick fix.

Do I need any prior training?

You do not need any prior knowledge, coaching, or training to enrol in on our programs. You will be instructed  as if you know nothing about managing your speech effectively in the real world. What are the hardware/software requirements?

What languages is the course in?

Only English for now. We are working on translations. 

Is improvement guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee anything in life 100% but what we can do is promise is support you as much as we can along this journey so there is a very high probability that you will see significant progress with your speech in situations  where it matters to you, in the situations that matter to you the most.

Is there a minimum membership to SHB members Club? 

No, but we recommend you stay a member for at-least 6 months. So you stand the best chance of making permanent improvements in speech and mindset 

Does the program evolve over time?

Yes! We are constantly adding new videos and special tutorials to the video program.

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