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#StopHoldingBack Foundation is a charity dedicated to helping people who Stutter become better speakers with the ultimate goal of improving their employability.

What we need to reach and make a difference in  770,000 peoples lives in the UK alone 


How your money helps us transform lives


Donate £10 Today

Helps continually reach more people who stutter.


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Helps us reach people who stutter who cannot find support in their local areas.


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Help us pay for core software enabling the SHB charity to operate smoothly so we can serve people who are most affected by stuttering nationwide.


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Helps us keep our online services running so we can continually support people who stutter in groups and on an individual basis.  


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Helps us add new and expand current services so we can support people who stutter not just in the UK but all over the world.


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Contributes massively to the cost of completely transforming 1 person who stutters life, through our 1:1 programme.

WeWork Base


  • Will allow us as a charity to provide a safe place for people who stutter to socialise with others to be introduced to our programme.

  • Allow us to run bi-weekly public meetups for people who stutter and for their family, friends and work colleagues to experience what we do

Online Coaching

  • Change the lives of many who stutter from all over the world 

  • Allows SHB to continue to monitor and track progress of people enrolled and continue the support network that we have already created

Admin Staff

  • Frees coaches up to focus on providing the best coaching services as opposed to being stretched too thin and giving a diluted service

  • Response time to enquiries will be quicker and will give people who enquire more confidence that we are running on a professional service

One-to-one coaching

  • Change the lives of 14 people who stutter. 

  • Increase their employability 

  • Allow them to live a life of fulfilment rather than a life of avoidance and self-doubt

  • help SHB to gain more evidence and track record for our therapy programme to raise more awareness and help further change the lives of others


  • Gives people who stutter an insight into who we are, what we stand for.

  • Offers people in need advice on how to deal with different areas of the stuttering topic


  • Build brand identity

  • Create awareness

  • Professionally managed

  • Ability to free coaches up to coach rather than focus of marketing

  • Drive traffic to websites.


Since I became part of the Stop Holding Back community in 2017 my confidence in competitive speaking environments and stressful situations has improved immeasurably and I now consider myself a good speaker. The lessons, mentoring and support network available to People who stutter (PWS) were foundational to this success and will undoubtedly be useful to other PWS lucky enough to find help from this outstanding charity.

Life-changing Testimonies

- Tom